FAQ List

Can I place an order through a call?
Can I replace or upgrade my phone by paying the difference?
Can I unlock a product which is locked?
Can my device become blacklisted or blocked?
Can you ship outside UK?
Do the products come with manufacturer warranty?
Do you accept orders from outside of UK?
Do you change/replace any part of the devices you sell?
Do you deliver on public holidays?
Do you have a physical shop? Can I visit it?
How are your products packed?
How does Alpha Smartphones work?
I have forgotten my password. How do I log in?
I have not received my order, it has been more than three days.
I have received the wrong model. How can I get it replaced?
I have recently moved. How do I change my address?
I have returned my product. When will I receive the refund?
I run a company. Can I order in bulk for my company?
I think I need the original owner's details to unlock the product? What do I do?
If I place an order before Christmas, will it be delivered to me?
In which condition should the device be, to be returned back to you?
Is it possible for me to see the actual photographs of product?
Is it possible to track my order?
Is the IMEI number printed on the invoice of products?
Is there a limit to the number of products I can purchase?
Is there any grading system for devices?
The device I want is not in stock right now. What do I do?
The phone I was looking for is not available right now. Can I get notified once it is in stock?
The product I received is not working. What do I do?
What are the delivery charges?
What are the networks to which your products are locked?
What are your opening and closing times on Christmas?
What are your working hours?
What is Alpha Smartphones?
What is the condition of your used devices?
What is your delivery time?
Where do you get stock from?
Which delivery services do you use?