Air Pods for Apple iPhone | Wireless Sweat-Proof Charging Headset | 1 Year Official Warranty

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Yesido TWS -05 Earbuds For Apple iPhone | Wireless Headphones | Active Noise Cancellation

Android Users:
No issues, just connect to Bluetooth and Play.

Apple Users: In some cases, the Apple Watch has Bluetooth interferences with Bluetooth earbuds. This may happen if they are on a similar or the same Bluetooth frequency level. The product is not faulty and has been tested before shipment. This product has been fully tested and is safe to use. For the operation of the Yesido Pro Earbuds TWS06, an Ear Tip Fit Test is required once a Bluetooth connection has been established. This process must be done on every occasion. Below are simple steps that can be taken for the Yesido Pro Earbuds to be fully functional with an Apple Watch User.
Non-Apple watch Users: No issues, just connect to Bluetooth and Play, no need to take further action, just enjoy.

Apple Watch Users:

Step 1: Establish a Bluetooth connection. Connect your Yesido Pro Earbuds TWS06 to your device. Use the Bluetooth settings or open the Earbuds case near your iPhone to automatically connect from the new opening window.

Step 2: Once a Bluetooth connection has been established, go to the setting of the Yesido Pro Earbuds TWS06 in your Bluetooth settings and run a complete successful Ear Tip Fit Test. Without doing this, the Yesido Pro Earbuds will not be functional.

Step 3: A successful Ear Tip Fit Test is required on every connection for Apple Watch users with Yesido Pro Earbuds. If you do not use an Apple Watch, just establish a Bluetooth connection, plug, and play.

Step 4: Enjoy your new Yesido Pro Earbud by listening to your favourite tracks or for your phone calls.

If you encounter any issues connecting to the Yesido Pro TWS06 Earbuds, forget and delete the Yesido Pro Earbuds on your Bluetooth settings and restart the process from step one.


Model Number: TWS-05
Connectivity: Wireless
Compatible with: All
Type: In-Ear
Microphone included: Yes
Noise Cancelling: Yes. Ear On-Off Sensor
Bluetooth V5.0 up to 15 meters.
Canister battery 300mAh.
Working time: 3.5 hours of calls, 4 hours of call time, and standby time is 100 hours.
Wireless charging
The cable charging time is 45 minutes.
A box case included.
Charging cable included.
Stereo sound.
Remote Control
Auto Connect.



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